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Impala, FTW!

Name/Nicknames: Oh, people call me all sorts of things. (Mostly, Laura).
Age: 19
Birthdate: December 9
Height: 5’10

Likes/hobbies/talents: Not to state the obvious, but I love this show called Supernatural. I am taking nineteen hours this semester (an interesting experiment, NEVER to be repeated), and I have to say that I really enjoy ending a long stressful day by logging onto El-Jay and seeing what this crazy fandom has come up with next. Online fandom aside, I also enjoy writing, sex, eating mass amounts of food that has no inherent nutritional value, shoe shopping, drinking with friends, dancing at clubs, and reading anything except what I actually need to be reading for class.

Dislikes: Clingyness. I am a very independent person and I don’t deal with other people’s drama very well. I also dislike going to class (on principle, really). People who could in any way be described as “chipper” before noon annoy me to no end. Actually, chipper people in general tend to annoy me. So do frat boys. Especially the one who pissed on my couch last night.

Strong Points: Well, first of all, I am super smart. I am at school on a full-tuition scholarship. Which is good, ‘cause God knows I wouldn’t have been able to afford school otherwise. I’m also pretty sarcastic, but I like to think of my sarcasm as a sign of my amazing wit.

Weak Points: I have no modesty whatsoever. I have also been told on occasion that I do not understand the meaning of the word “tact.” This is blatantly false, however. I absolutely understand the meaning of tact, I just personally choose not to use it. Also, I am a compulsive liar. It is entirely possible that not a single thing you have read so far is even remotely true. Including that.

Fears: The only thing I am really afraid of is something bad happening to my baby niece. I swear to God, I love that little girl so much sometimes I think I could die from it.

Your favorite book or movie, and why: My favorite book would have to be The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand because the characters are so vivid and unique that as the reader you are captured from the very first page and you just can’t help but to really care. Or…um, something to that effect. I am terrible at explaining things to other people. I would make the worst teacher ever in existence.

A favorite quote or song lyric: Ooh. Tough question. Off the top of my head I’m gonna go with a verse from “Dirty Business” by the Dresden Dolls.

She's the kind of girl who gets her slings and arrows from the dumpster
The kind who tells you she's bipolar just to make you trust her
She's the kind of girl who leaves out condoms on the bedroom dresser
Just to make you jealous of the men she fucked before you met her

What you want to do for a living: Lie about all day, drink a lot, and occasionally jot down some story or other. What’s that? I’m not F. Scott Fitzgerald and therefore I would not be able to make a living that way? Okay, fine. I’m in school studying international business, so I suppose I would like to find a job in a large international corporation through which I could travel incessantly. But that’s only if, you know, the whole getting paid for being drunk and writing the great American novel thing falls through.

You find the journal of one of your friends that was left at your house. What do you do?: I call him or her up and say, “Hey, you left your journal at my place, you want me to swing by with it?” Like I said, I don’t really do other people’s drama.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?: Being able to speak every language ever invented, mainly because language just opens up so many doors. I only speak three fluently right now and even so I have to constantly stay on top of them so I don’t lose what I’ve learned. I would love to be able to just speak any language without thinking or studying. So, you know, either that or x-ray vision. For obvious reasons.

Love is...: complicated.

Revenge is...: unsatisfying.

Anything else?: I run purely on caffeine. I am also a complete insomniac. What? No, I’m sorry, I see no correlation whatsoever.

If you can, please suggest one thing to make this survey better: Well, um, there’s no questions about family. That could be pretty telling, character-wise.

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